How long is the race

The CBR is a gruelling (maybe), 5kish relay. That means 4 team members will divide up the 5k amongst them. (I can hear your sigh of relief)


How much beer do I drink during the race?

There are 12 different breweries and craft beer sampling stations along the course. Each team member stops at all four sampling stations during the team games, as well as two additional stations on their individual loop! Good thing you love craft beer…


Who can participate in the CBR?

Anyone 21 years old and over.


What’s this festival all about?

Enjoy craft beers from the 12 participating local breweries, live music, games, food trucks, awards and great spectating action. Spectator, and drink ticket pricing varies by event, be sure to check out your local CBR event.


Should my friends come watch me?

Only if they like seeing people in costumes running around playing wild games all while sampling craft beers from 12 of your favorite local breweries. Depending on the event, spectator fees may apply.


Are there N/A options available?

We’ll make that happen. Root beer will be substituted at the craft beer sampling stations for those wanting a N/A option.


Can I run as an Individual?

At this time no. You’re going to have to be a team player and stop trying to be that guy, or gal. But you can sign up as an individual and we’ll put you on a team of like minded crazies.


Can my dog and kids come?

Although dog years add up quick, we keep this to 21+ and no dogs. Sorry.


Can I bring my own beer?

No outside alcohol is allowed.


Can I sign up the day of the event?

We do allow registrations the day of the event. However, you and your team will be placed in the last remaining heat. Registrations are only taken until 1pm.


How important is my costume game?

Very. The prizes are just as good as being fast


Is the race timed?

You bet. You would’t want to run through the fresh air drinking good beer with good friends to not have a time to tell people about now would you?


How can I get home?

Safe transportation is your responsibility. See our UBER promo codes for help, or if possible stay on site with your team.


How hard is the race?

That is debatable…best over a couple beers. We can tell you this, even though it’s a 5k, drinking porters and sprinting isn’t as easy as it may sound.


Intoxicated Participants

Will be removed from both the race course and the festival at the discretion of the CBR staff and their partners in order to maintain a safe race environment and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.


What should I wear?

Really you are asking us this? The range is from Spedo to full on Batman costume. Your call, but you can check out Facebook or Instagram for some inspiration.


What items are not allowed at the event?

The following items are prohibited:

  • Outside food, drink, or alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons (knives, pepper spray, any concealed weapons or firearms, etc.)
  • Illegal drugs, chemicals, fireworks
  • Backpacks, suitcases, coolers, or other large bags
  • Unapproved marketing material of any kind (pamphlets, handouts, advertisements)
  • Other items as determined by facility security

All bags are subject to search upon entry to the event. Security reserves the right to request patrons to return prohibited items to their vehicle, or dispose of these items; non-cooperation may lead to ejection from the facility.


How does event check-in work?

Bring your ID, event confirmation and all your team members.


Is there a bag check?

Yes, we will have an on-site bag check at each event for $5.